A good length for your Statement of Purpose.

I am constantly asked, “If someone has already written a statement of purpose for one school can they use it for another school?”.  You can definately use it for another school but you would want to make sure that you make proper changes so that it reflects what the school is looking for. You don’t want to just write a few for a few different schools.  You want to make sure that you write your statement of purpose and adjust it every time you send it to another school.  Send it to as many schools as you are able or willing to go to.  If you only write a few then you might not get through to the administrator.  You can change a few paragraphs within your statement of purpose and it will help you a lot.

Your first paragraph in your statement of purpose should be powerful and should describe yourself as a professional at anything that you do.  If you learned a skill explain when and why it’s important.  Explain what you are interested in so that they realized why you are who they are looking for.

Your second and third paragraph should explain why the department you are looking to get into is a good fit for you.  It should convince them that you are the man for the job or as I like to say it, “You’re their Huckleberry”.  Describe the skills you have and the work you’ve done and why that is exactly what they are looking for.  Make sure it is very intriguing and captivating.  I have worked in these offices and I know how tedious it can get to go through hundreds of these.  Make it grab them.

Statement of Purpose LengthLastly I would end with statements about why you are interested in the program and how you are the best fit person for it.  You’ll get it.  Keep your spirits high and before you know it it will be behind you.

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