Strategizing Big Purchases

When it comes to buying a car, I have seen so many people spend more money than they should and just get worked since they are too lazy, busy or just don’t know how to shop right and work the deal.  I will share a story on how I got the car I wanted and spent much less and got much more.

I was on the market for a Brand New Nissan Altima S for of course the lowest possible price.  Since there are so many and everyone wants to sell there’s over someone else’s it makes the process easier for the buyer (if they are aware of this little detail).  When there is a high supply of a product and the demand is average you should be able to work with the price.  When it comes to a car there is almost always a surprising amount of mark up that gives you a great window of wiggle room when preparing to purchase your car of choice.  It basically comes down to your approach and the person you’re dealing with.  I have found that if you call in before hand and let them know that you are interested in a specific car and that you will come in that same day to purchase the car IF they give it to you for the price you want that they will usually go and ask they’re manager and get permission and get the price haggling out of the way before you even waste your time.  So I did exactly that and called around.  I ended up finding one in Southern California that would sell it to me for the price I wanted, which by the way was thousands of dollars cheaper than the ones available in my part of town.  They told me they would sell it to me at that price so I found a Tow Truck Company that would actually put the car on a flat-bed tow truck and ship it to my house for a minimal cost.  This made it possible for me to get my car of choice for the best possible price.

Think about it.  If you just go down to your local dealership and get what they give you.  They might not have the color you want, the price you want, and the condition you want.  By shopping around and using a shipping service you can get the best deal.  I always have a plan when it comes to buying a car.  If I didn’t I would have wasted so much money by now.


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Strategize and Save Big!

Strategize and Save Big!


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