My Tips on writing a Statement of Purpose….

Statement of Purpose Format Tips

Like I said before, I do not like stressing about writing so I have created this platform for people to come to to learn about how to write without the constant feeling of being insufficient.  As you read through the articles that I will provide you will continue to grow in your knowledge of the topic.  The reason why a strong Statement of Purpose, with the proper format, is important is that when written correctly it can ultimately get to the minds of those you are writing it for.


I have seen so many people write their first statement of purpose and struggle and struggle.  They just don’t get why they struggle but the first thing to look at is are they stressing about it.  If they are than you can bet that they are going to need some help.  I will write some articles covering that topic here soon but until then I recommend researching different ways that you can release the stress in your life or the anxiety you have from writing your first statement of purpose.  It can be very intimidating since, I’m sure you are worried about what school you might be getting in but what’s most important is that you are able to have a clear mind and that you can think properly to deliver what you really want to say.  I will begin to outline the tips below.

  • You must know what a statement of purpose is.
  • Find out what your school or university is looking for when writing your statement of purpose.
  • Make sure to layout what they expect before you start writing.
  • Research a good starting point so that you don’t jump around.
  • Create a layout and follow it.

From using these tips you will know that your statement of purpose is powerful and that it will ultimately be successful. I will be posting more on this topic soon.  Talk to you later.

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