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Your statement of purpose will be one of the most important parts of your application process.  It will help the admissions team know more about who you are and what your direction and goals are in your career path.  Without a well written statement of purpose you can have your application passed aside.  I will help you learn not only how to write a strong statement of purpose but a influential one.  I will also focus a lot on helping with the feelings of intimidation when
writing one.

Let’s start with addressing the fact that a statement of purpose does not need to be just a big lists of facts about you and your history. Most of the time what they are looking for is a well written and conclusive portrayal of you as a hero.  Some SOPs are just too plain and need more substance.

Also remember that when writing your statement of purpose that this is the main portion that is in your control.  Your grades, records and even letters of recommendation are what they are and you can’t do anything about them but you can control the quality of your statement of purpose.  Of course choosing the people to give well written recommendations is important it’s just good to remember that you don’t control the content or method they use to write.

When writing your statement of purpose remember that it is your time to talk directly with the admissions team and to stand out of the pile of applications that they have to sort through.  You must convince them that you have that beam of light.  That you are the one that will bring value to the class that they are trying to create.  That you will bring innovative ideas and creativity to the class.

I know it seems intimidating to try and be the one that stands out in the mound of other interested people that are competing against you but remember that your skills, if significant, will be the very turning point for the team to realize that are another one that they are looking for.  That you will bring meat to the table while others are lacking.

I’ve written my own and, in the process, stressed till my body about burst.  I will mainly try and focus on good motivation and uplifting information that will help you avoid what I went through.  I would read it over and over and try to find where I might be lacking.  I had friends and family read it for advice and they would always come back and say that it sounded great but I never believed them.  Probably because of all the fear and anxiety I had about getting admitted.

I eventually came across a great book that led me to some great points and steps that I feel made me eliminate a large amount of stress and that showed me the way to success in this venture.  The book is called Conquering the College Admissions Essay in 10 Steps.  This book was very impactful and changed my whole mindset about writing.  I highly recommend it.  Another place I found a lot of useful information is somewhere you might have already been but it was on the statement of purpose website.

You will want to make sure that you are not writing this last minute.  Give yourself plenty of time to think write and correct your work.  If you breeze through your writing you are getting rid of the chance to be admitted.  Many times a well written statement of purpose will actually compensate for a lack of perfect grades or other negative aspects of your transcripts.  On the other hand a poorly written statement of purpose can eliminate the importance of your prefect grades since the application can be tossed aside.

So writing a good statement of purpose can not only strengthen the overall look of your application, it can definitely be the determining factor in your admission to the school of your choice.  Keep high spirits, give yourself enough time to do it right and remember not to stress.


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